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    The Pilot Project of CMP Technology


    BANDUNG- The Minister of Public Works and Human Settlements (PUPR), confirmed that the overpass of Pelangi Antapani is a pilot project with the technology of Corrugated Mortarbusa Pusjatan (CMP) that was firstly applied in Indonesia.

    The minister of PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono said that the steel structures used for the bridge are corrugated or Armco  with three spans.

    “The length of the middle span is 22 meters and the vertical height of its free space is 5,1 meters and the other widths of the span is 9 meters," he said.

    According to Basuki, CMP is a technology built by Research and Development of Roads and Bridges Centre (Pusjatan) Balitbang, the minister of PUPR, which is a more advanced technology of lightweight foams with corrugated steels structures.

    "By the same length, this fly over usually costs 100 billion rupiah, but the overpass only costs 30 billion rupiah so that we can save more money," he said.

    The construction of this project is the result of the cooperation of Pusjatan- the minister of PUPR, Bandung city government and Korean government.

    The budget for this project which is Rp. 35 billion was collected from Pusjatan: Rp. 22 billion, Bandung city government: Rp. 10 billion, and Korean government: Rp. 3 billion as material components.

    Other than that, the construction time is also faster than average technology. Normally, it takes 12 months to finish the construction of a fly over, but with this new method, it only takes 6 months.

    Basuki said, this overpass has undergone various stages of testing, both static and dynamic tests, hence this bridge has been confirmed eligible for use.

    "But the performance is still being monitored for one year. The minister of PUPR plans to construct one more overpass in Bandung in the future, yet the location is not yet fixed, whether it will be on Laswi Street or Garuda Street," he said.  (Parno)


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