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    RZ Helped the Victims of Kuningan Flood


    KUNINGAN-Basarnas and the locals helped by some volunteers from "Rumah Zakat" (RZ) cleaned up around the area of Citejoh village, Cibingbin district, Kuningan regency, after Kuningan flash flood a few days earlier.

    Egiana, a volunteer from RZ Cirebon said that the volunteers would help the victims of the flood in Citenjoh village of  Cibingbin district to clean up the area from residual sludge.
    “Praise the lord, the flood is resending now. Now, we are helping the victims to clean up the residual sludge," said Egiana, on the sidelines of her cleaning activity in Citenjoh village, Cibingbin, Tuesday (24/01).

    According to Egiana, besides being helped to clean the residual sludge, the victims also get food, such as 500 packs of cornets, 418 food packages and 4 boxes of clothes, baby gears, and cleaning tools for the victims.

    “These aids are handed out to the victims who are still being evacuated and to those who are already back to their homes," he said

    The flash flood that occurred in KUningan region on Sunday (22/01) has caused 2.064 units of houses in 8 villages submerged by flood water. There were no victims but as many as 5 cows, 140 sheep, and 500 fowls that belonged to the villagers were dragged away by the floodwater.(Parno)


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