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    West Java Targets Regencies/Cities to Reach Minimal 'BB' in SAKIP Predicate


    BANDUNG– The governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said that he was proud and it is a pride for the Regional Government of West Java province, that among the regional governments in Sumatera, Banten and West Java, based on the evaluation of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, there are two cities that have acquired proud achievements in terms of SAKIP, namely Bandung, that achieved 'A' predicate and Sukabumi city, that achieved 'BB' predicate.

    Therefore, I'd like to appreciate the works of the Mayors of Bandung and Sukabumi and all their staffs. I hope this can be an inspiration particularly for regional governments in West Java and generally for regional governments in Indonesia, "said Deddy Mizwar, during the event of the Evaluation Results Submission of Regional Governments performance Accountability in  Region I, that included Sumatra, Banten and West Java in 2016 which took place at Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel  in Bandung, Wednesday (25.01.17).

    Furthermore Deddy appealed to all Regents / Mayors in West Java to be compact in order to enhance every accountability Performance of regional governments, at least with 'BB' predicate, so that the governments can lead to a high-performance and highly accountable governments.

    In order to improve the achievement of Accountability Performance, regional  instances together with the regional governments in West Java, are committed to work together in the performance agreement; preparation of results-oriented planning documents that are accompanied by performance indicators and measurable performance targets; socialization /the briefing on Government Performance Reports; Technical Guidance through Mentoring / AKIP Assistance to OPD and OPD Mandatory options; coaching / facilitation for regional governments; as well as the encouragement to bring up innovation in the implementation of the government that aimed to actualize a more transparent and accountable government.

    Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abnur Asman said, the results of the evaluation of Government Performance Accountability System (SAKIP) conducted in 2016 showed an increase in the average value of the evaluation for regencies/cities, compared to the previous year.

    In 2016, the average value of the evaluation of SAKIP for regency/ city is 49.87, an increase of 2015 that was only 46.92, or an increase of 2.95 points. But Asman said, despite the increasing number, regencies/cities in 2016 in average still holds a value below 50, which means they are in C category.

    "As many as 425 or 83% of regencies/cities still scored under B," said Minister of PANRB Asman Abnur.

    Asman added that the low level of accountability of the regencies/cities is due to four main issues, namely the non-result oriented objectives or targets, unclear measures of success, unrelated programs to the targets, and inconsistent details of activities.

    He argued that the four issue has created in-efficiency of budget spending by government instances. Referring to the results of the evaluation and based on the data that has been calculated, there is a potential waste of at least 30% of APBN / APBD outside personnel expenditures each year, and the number is equivalent to approximately 392.87 trillion rupiah.

    In line with this, the Minister Asman gave an appreciation to several regencies/ cities that have implemented SAKIP satisfactorily. For Region I, the Minister Asman appreciated the regencies and cities that have made efforts to increase the efficiency of real improvement bureaucracy.

    In the region I, that includes Sumatra, Banten and West Java, there is only one city government that is predicated A, three regencies/cities predicated BB, 17 regencies/cities predicated B, 81 regencies/cities predicated CC, 69 regencies/cities predicated C, and one regency predicated D.

    Bandung is the only regional government that won A. To encourage the practice of good governance, or 'better government practice,' city of Bandung has implemented performance-based budgeting application, entitled 'e-performance based budgeting.'

    "In 2016 Bandung successfully did budget savings, approximately as much as 35%. Bandung has decreased activities in numbers, that were 5,701 events in 2016 and became 4814 events in 2017," said Asman.


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