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    SMEs Circles in Bandung Regency Will Soon be Established


    BANDUNG REGENCY- SME circle-based society soon will established in Bandung regency as a form of management synergy of small and medium enterprises throughout Bandung regency. The statement came from Bandung Regent H. Dadang Mohamad Naser at SMEs event of Bandung regency, which was centered in Moch Toha Building in Soreang, Wednesday (25/1).

    "SME as one pillar of social economy, need to be facilitated properly. The future association should be set up, as a place for creativities, innovation and aspiration of entrepreneurs in Bandung regency," said the Regent.

    Based on data from the Central Statistics Department (BPS) of Bandung regency, Dadang M Naser said, the unemployment rate in 2016 reached 4.0% from the previous year that was 8% (2015), meaning that there is a decline. This was caused by the rapid activities of SMEs.

    "In 2016 the investment increased by more than twice in Bandung regency, and reached 11 trillion. In addition to reducing unemployment rate, the increasing numbers of investment and activities of SMEs is one of the indicators that affect the increase in the Human Development Index (HDI) from the aspect of its purchasing power," he added.

    Regent hoped, with the establishment of SMEs associations in Bandung regency, the coordination, synergy and solution for every SME can be overcome. According to him, there are three issues that should be our concerns, in developing the local economy through SMEs.

    "Currently, SMEs are still constrained by three things, namely the access to capital financing, the ability to innovate and product marketing. These are problems that we should solve together, through coordination and cooperation with several parties, such as the involvement of Telkom University (digital SMEs) and the banks," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of SMEs development in Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in Bandung regency, Karyana Usman said that the budget facilitation of SME in 2017 in Bandung Regency has reached 1.5 billion Rupiah. The budget will be used for some events.

    "This 1.5 billion used for the facilitation of SMEs, will be used for training and coaching, facilitation of legality needs in Food and Drug Supervisory Department (BPOM) and the application of digital SMEs in collaboration with the University of Telkom," said Usman.


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