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    West Java-South Australia Cooperation Soon Will be Realized


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa was ensuring that the cooperation between the provincial government of West Java and South Australia to build a public art space (public art work) will be realized as soon as possible.

    Iwa said that the maturation of the cooperation within the framework of 'sister province' with South Australia was explained by the Consulate General of Indonesia for New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia Yayan Mulyana Ganda Hayat after Iwa met him at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (24/1).

    He said, this cooperation is the result of the meeting between Chairman Michael Abbot with the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar at Adelaide Festival Center in December 2016.

    "The meeting discussed the construction of public art work and art center in West Java that will be taken up by the Department of Tourism and Culture and the Kinkrum Department of West Java province," he said.

    He explained that the construction of the public art space has become the symbol of 'sister province' of Provincial Government of West Java and South Australia. The construction will be conducted around Gasibu by two artists from West Java and Australia with the art director.

    "Joseph Mitchell, the artist director of the Adelaide Festival Center pointed by the South Australian Government for the development of public art work in West Java will be coming to Bandung from the 30th of January until the first of February 2017," he said

    On the same date an advisory group project (PAG) meeting will be held. The meeting invited artists and OPD officials who were involved in the construction of this public art work. "On January 31, 2017, PAG will present the concept of the construction of the public art work to Mr. Vice Governor," he said.

    Later, a press conference with Joseph Mitchell and Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar as the guest speakers will be held. Besides that, the joint working group meeting (JWGM) which is annually held by in turn both parties, will be held in West Java in late October 2017. (Pun)


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