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    Affected Mosque of Soroja Toll Project were Built Bigger


    BANDUNG REGENCY- The project of Soroja toll which is still being constructed today, has impacted on several dynamics in the lives of Bandung people. This project gives a real impact on the residential area, the locals and their economic activity. There is no exception that the local mosques are also affected. Two mosques were affected from the toll project are Al-Amanah and Nurul Falah mosques.

    The representative of the Mosques, Ade Hendar said that the two new mosques as the replacement of the former ones were built larger. The former space of Al-Amanah was 280 meters and now is 700 meters, while Nurul Falah mosque whose previous space was 224 meters, is now 840 meters.

    "The construction of the mosques is rislah, Since the previous mosques were affected by the project, then new better replacements have to be built. Therefore Al-amanah mosque has to be built larger from 280 meters to 700 meters. As for Nurul Falah mosque, it should be 840 meters from 224 meters." he explained.

    On the other hand, according to the regent of Bandung H. Dadang M Naser, the construction of the mosque involved two companies funded by the Ministry of Public Works and People Housing (PU and PR). It was said by the Regent during the groundbreaking ceremony of the construction of the mosques in RW 12 Kp.Dungus Lembu Margaasih Village, Margaasih district, Tuesday (24/1).

    “the construction of the mosque involved two companies, which are CV Salma Utama and Cv. Putra Jaya supported by PT. Citra Marga Lintas Jabar (CMLJ). The funding comes from the Ministry of Public Works and People Housing (PU and PR)," said the regent.

    With the construction of this Soroja toll project, the regent expects for the future that the people of Bandung Regency will be involved in some sectors, especially in economic activities of Indonesia, in order to participate in the improvement of the welfare of Indonesian people.

    "I hope in the future, the positive impact of this project can be felt by the public. Besides accelerating the access of transportation to Bandung and the southern part of West Java, the people also can get involved in the economic field. Of course, it will help to improve the welfare of the citizens of Bandung regency,” he  added.

    On that occasion, the Regent also advised the people to be mentally ready to face other impacts from the activation of Soroja toll later.


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