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    Rail Freight Transport is increasingly in Demand


    BANDUNG-Restriction on heavy vehicles to get through toll made shipping or logistic companies took an alternative to post the packages through rail freight transport.

    The manager of public relation in Daop 2 Bandung M.Ilud Siregar said, train travels are increasing in numbers, as previously they only travel once every two days.

    "After the replacement of Cisomang bridge, our train now travels once a day," said Ilud.

    He said, the travels may increase more in numbers. Therefore, his team is ready to send more rail freight transports to travel in respond to people's demand.

    Every day, the train departs from Peti Kemas station in Gedebage to Tanjung Priok. Every train has 15 carriages with a capacity of 30 Teus / container. They can send 3 trains with a capacity of 90 teus, per day.

    The departure of the trains is scheduled at 7.20 P.M and arrives at Tanjung Priok at 12.37. A.M. jo


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