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    Price of Grain and Rice Tend Up


    BANDUNG- In November 2015, the average price of dried harvest rice (GKP) in West Java reached Rp 5.212,77,- per kilogram, or up to 0.08 percent compared to the GKP price in October 2015 were recorded at Rp 5.208,56,-.

    The dried unhusked rice (GKG) reached 2.79 percent or increase of Rp 5.530,30,- to Rp 5.684,38,- per kilogram, and the last third quality was low grain quality also increase of 5.33 percent from Rp 3.757,35,- to Rp 3.957,63, - per kilogram.

    The West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said the highest GKP at farmer level amounted to Rp 6.000, - in Ciamis district with price at the milling rate of Rp 6.050,-. For the GKG quality in November 2015 average price at the milling rate of Rp 5.856,25,- per kilogram, which the lowest of GKG milling price of Rp 5.100,- per kilogram in Kuningan and the highest of GKG milling price of Rp 6.500,- per kilogram in Indramayu.

    "From the monitoring result in November 2015, the transaction price for grain quality is above the Purchase Price Government (HPP),” said Dody Gunawan, West Java Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

    The monitoring of rice prices in November 2015 conducted in 15 districts of West Java which are spread in 35 sub-district with as many as 78 transactions total number of observations, such as premium rice of 36 observations (46.15 percent), medium rice of 34 observations (43.59 percent), and low rice quality of 8 observations (10.26 percent).

    In November 2015, the average price of grinding rice of Rp 9.894,17,- and increased of 1.36 percent compared to the price in October 2015 (Rp 9.761,76,-).

    Based on the rice quality are grouped according to fracture rice, premium rice prices rose to 1.27 percent from Rp 9.892,43, to Rp 10.017,92, medium rose to 1.17 percent from Rp 9.736,21 to Rp 9.850 likewise the low rice quality rose to 3.37 percent from Rp 9.214,29 to Rp 9.525,-.

    The milling rice developments prices showed a fluctuating pattern. Throughout November 2014 until November 2015, the price average decrease of rice occurred in the three months of 2015 (March, April and May) with the lowest price of Rp 8.597,80 per kilogram occurred in November 2014.

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