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    Head of Transportation Department of West Java: Rail Freight Transports are Now Available


    BANDUNG-TRansportation department of West Java Province encouraged businessmen of logistic industry to make use of rail freigh transports to post their merchandises to other island or overseas.

    The head of transportation department of West Java Province, Dedi Taufik said that he has encouraged all logistic businessmen to utilize the rail freight transports Bandung-Tanjung Priok, considering the implementation of traffic engineering in Cipularang toll after the shifting of the pillar of Cisomang bridge.

    "The middle lane is also damaged in Cadas Pangeran that disrupts the flow of goods of Cirebon-Bandung. This rail freight transport is the only one option," he said during the interview in Bandung, Tuesday (24/1).

    He said this is the only way the government can decrease the burdens of vehicles on toll road during the bridge reconstruction. Department of Industry and Trade of West Java Province also gave a long-term solution by demanding the logistics to be sent through freight logistics train from Gedebage to Priok.

    "Traffic engineering is only a short term solution, the use of this rail freight transports is a part of long term anticipations," he said.
    Dedi hoped the socialization that will be done regularly can make the use of rail transport of goods as an option for courier services to transport logistics. jo


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