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    Hard Work Restores the Glory of Fishermen


    INDRAMAYU-Regency Government of Indramayu led by the regent of Indramayu Hj. Anna Sophanah still works hard to restore the glory of the local fishermen. This attempts to encourage the local fishermen to compete with one another and return to prosperity. One attempt has been made was by providing means for the fishermen to sell their catches.

    Therefore, on Tuesday (24/01/2017) the regent of Indramayu inaugurated the use of TPI Dadap in Juntiyuat district. Hopefully this representative place will help the economic activities in the sea fisheries sector to be more dynamic, that will increase fishermen's income.  

    Head of Fisheries and Marine department of Indramayu regency, Ir. Abdur Rosyid Hakim explained that there are three regions for fishing centers in Indramayu, which are TPI Eretan for West Indramayu, TPI Karangsong for central Indramayu, and TPI Dadap for East Indramayu.

    He added that in 2016, the development of TPI Dadap was quite satisfying, and it gave a well contribution to the regional budget of Indramayu Regency. In 2016, TPI Dadap succeeded to record the result of transaction that reached Rp,00.

    “The development of this TPI Dadap has spent the budget of APBD as much as Rp. 1,8 billion. Hopefully, this new TPI will save more operational budget and make the streamlining of the loading and unloading of boats more effective, since the location is nearer to the sea," said Hakim.

    Meanwhile, the regent of Indramayu Hj. Anna Sophanah as cited by the communication and informatics department of Indramayu regency, explained that Dadap is one of the biggest fishing centres in Indramayu in accordance to the numbers of the fishermen and fleets. It's been recorded that they are 9.129 fishermen that consist of 529 owners of boats and 8.600 of fishermen, who operate 68 boats and 711 outboard motors.

    "Considering the length of the coast is only 147 km, we should be able to explore the marine resources as well as possible for the business of fisheries and marine. The resources have not been explored optimally due to some limits, particularly in the fishing efforts which are still dominated by small fishing fleet less than 10 gross tones (GT)," Anna said.

    Anna added that the increasing numbers of fishing business in the sea will impact on the development of the social economy of the people live near the sea, through the increasing numbers of other business opportunities, such as fish landing services, trades, and distribution services.

    "This can be actualized if the fishing efforts in the sea as an economic activity are centralized in one place, which is PPI," said Anna.


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