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    Regional Secretary: The barrier of The Construction of Soroja Toll Has Been Solved


    BANDUNG-The regional secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa was relived and grateful since the barrier of the project of the reconstruction of Soroja Toll has been solved.

    He specially praised the lord and thanked to the locals and priests for their supports by giving up their own public facilities and mosque for the construction.

    "I'd like to thank all people, the priests and anyone who have given up their lands and mosque for this project, for the sake of wider benefit. May God consider the things we have done as good deeds," said Iwa on the sidelines during the observation of the construction of Soroja Toll and during groundbreaking ceremony for the new mosques, after the former mosques were demolished in Margaasih, Bandung regency, Tuesday (24/1).

    According to Iwa, every support given by the people will not be in vain, yet become a benefit for wider society and will benefit them in the future since the construction of the toll will contribute to the development of local economy, particularly for millions of people in Bandung regency.

    The presence of Soroja Toll, explained the regional secretary of West Java, is a pride for West Java, particularly for all people in Bandung regency. Especially, this toll has been long expected by the people of Bandung regency.

    "The access of Soroja toll is expected to accelerate the movement of goods and people. This will impact on the acceleration of development and economy that will grow faster since Soreang-Bandung only takes 10 minutes now. This means that it will accelerate the prosperity of the locals," said Iwa.

    Since the beginning, he said, his team has committed to finish the 13 km toll project. Therefore, all attempts have been done to accelerate the construction of the project. He also admitted that without any help from the locals, the toll was not possibly realized.(Pun)


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