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    Purwakarta Sent 20 Students to Study Islam Nusantara


    PURWAKARTA-The government of Purwakarta regency will send 20 university students to study in postgraduate faculty of Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Nahdhatul Ulama (Nahdhatul Ulama Islamic State University) or STAI NU in Jakarta. This two-year period of study particularly focuses on the learning of the concept of Islam Nusantara in the university owned by the biggest Islamic organization in Indonesia.

    A lecturer of STAI NU Jakarta, Kiai Ngatawi al Zastrow this Monday (23/1) in the middle of his meeting with the regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi at Bale Nagri Purwakarta said that his government has committed to free the cost of postgraduate studies.

    This eccentric Kiai who always wears blangkon and traditional clothes of Javanese affirmed that the university will be selective in choosing the right individuals to study there, since they are expected to have a strong basic knowledge of Islam and Nusantara.

    “Our team is firstly going to do a selection. Since we are Islamic university, one condition for a candidate to be accepted here is that he must have a strong basic knowledge on Islam and traditions of Nusantara, he also must be fluent in reading and translating kitab kuning (yellow book). Other than that, he also must be able to read suluk of the local figures, if he is from here, then he must be able to read the suluks of Sundanese figures, he has to sing traditional songs of Sundanese, like ngawih and nembang," said Ngatawi.

    The government of Purwakarta regency internally is going to create a selection team which is synergized with the team from STAI NU Jakarta. The candidates are required to be able to operate informatics technology. This is a condition for those who are interested to achieve the scholarship.

    “They must be able to operate informatics technology, particularly the technic to share information on Social Media, since later, they are supposed to share their knowledge that they learn at university, on social media." said the regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi after attending the meeting.

    This meeting was held in order to actualize the 13th event of ‘Anjang Sana’ STAI NU Jakarta. This is actually the second meeting after they met at the house of Kiai Said Aqil Siradj in Cianjur, South Jakarta. After the meeting, they headed to Purwkarta, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Kaliwungu Kendal, Semarang, Demak, Rembang, Sarang, Surabaya, Mojokerto, Jombang and Yogyakarta.

    Before meeting the regent of Purwakarta Dedi Mulyadi,‘Anjang Sana’ team firstly visited the grave of Baing Yusuf Purwakarta, who was a teacher of Syaikh Nawawi al Bantani, a charismatic Islamic priest from Banten who became a Mufti in al Haram mosque, Mekah, Saudi Arabia.


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