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    Scored above His Target, Jokowi will keep Practising Archercy


    BOGOR CITY-The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, scored 107 at Bogor Open Archery Championship 2017, Sunday (22/1/2017), which was held at Education Centre of Engineers (Pusdikzi), Bogor City. Jokowi was the perticipant in National Executive Round competing with other participants. His score surpassed his target and he got perfect score because he hit the yellow circle once.

    "I am only a supporter, the most important thing that I can motivate and encourage junior and senior archery athletes so they can deepen in learning archery, and they can achieve more and improve better," he said.

    Jokowi said, being an athlete must be started from at an early age so can join a lot of competition and one day can be a good athlete. It is nearly impossible to become an athlete and starts at his age. After exercised twice a week for months, Jokowi thinks that archery is a kind of sport that needs good focus and concentration.

    "The most important thing for every activity is there is a target, and archery has a clear target," he added.

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