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    Personnel, Equipment, Finance, and Document (P3D) of Departments has not been Completed


    BANDUNG-The process of handing over managing personnel, equipment, finance and document (P3D) in several departments after new Organizational Structures and Managing Procedures (SOTK) of West Java has not been completed.

    Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, said that his staff are still processing several administration affairs in order the process of P3D in several departments can be soon completed in January. "There are issues regarding assets that have to be completed, I asked that Wednesday (25/1) all the matter are finished," he explained on Saturday (22/1/2017).

    For example is the process of handing over managing several departments from Residential and Mortgage Department (Dinas Perumahan dan Pemukiman) of West Java to Environmental Agency of West Java that has to complete the asset before the authority of Disrumkim like garbage handed over to Dinas LH. "It has to be completed soon, because there so many assets in Disrumkim," he said.

    The same thing applies to Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil) that currently is in the process of handing over the use of a building that all these years were used by Korpri of West Java. Iwa admitted that the assets and the equipment must be completed so that there will be no recording issue in State Audit Agency (BPK) report latter on. "The process of personnel was complete, but the equipment ad responsibilty regarding assets has to be clear first," he added.

    He already appointed Office for Management of Regional Revenue, Finance and Assets (Badan Pengelolaan Keuangan dan Aset Daerah/BPKAD) of West Java to complete the process soon. Iwa personally had held P3D meeting with BPKAD and several related departments. "Last week we held a meeting with Dinas LH, Disrumkim, and hopefully the result will be able to complete on Wednesday," he explained.

    Head Division of Technical Implementation Unit (UPTB) Assets Structuring BPKAD of West Java, Yadi Cahyadi, said that the process of handing over mostly happenned at Disrumkim whose main authority belong to Dinas LH and Office of Highways and Spatial (Dinas Bina Marga dan Tata Ruang) and there is also handing over from Food Security Agency (Badan Ketahanan Pangan) to Livestock Service (Dinas Peternakan). "If Investment and Integrated Licensing Service (BMPT) became PMPT department, the process is easy because it only reduces the personnel," he said.

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