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    Minister of Agriculture Encouraged Many Regions to Increase Food Production


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, accompanied Minister of Agriculture (Mentan), Andi Amran Sulaiman, in his working visit to Bandung Regency, Saturday (21/1/2017).

    The Minister's agenda in his current working visit are 2017 Agricultural Coordination Meeting Special Attempt (UPSUS) on rice, maize, and soya bean at Bandung Regency Marquee, and then harvest and acceleration of rice planting at Sekar Wangi Village, Soreang Subdistrict, Bandung Regency.

    The working visit is aimed to encourage many regions to increase strategic food production in 2017, in order to support national food supplies.

    In West Java, in order to increase the production of rice in 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture increased the planting target from October 2016 to March 2017 became 1.555.041 hectares. The planting width increased 368.676 hectares from the previous year which was 1.183.365 hectares, Amran explained.

    Amran said, that to increase the planting width, several breakthroughs must be done. For example, distributing agricultural machinery (alsintan) such as tractors and rice transplanters to each farmer, repairing irrigation, providing Lndsat image technology, and providing jarwo super technology.

    The allocation of alsintan in West Java in 2016 is 2-wheel tractors 2.131 units, 4-wheel tractor 95 units, water pumps 1.759 units, planting machines 194 units and handsprayer 6.428 units.

    The agricultural insurance scheme which was provided by the Ministry of Agriculture through PT. Jasa Asuransi Indonesia, will always accompany agriculture in West Java. Farmers need to pay 36 thousand rupiah and get subsidies from govenrment worth 144 thousand rupiah. If the farmers suffer crop failure due to disaster, bad weather, flood, etc., farmers can claim their insurance worth 6 million rupiah.

    "Now, we have 10.349 participants in our insurance programme from our target 12.500 participants, or we can say we achieved 80% participants from the target," said Amran.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said that West Java has potential agriculture that can contribute towards national food supplies.

    Deddy said that the planting width in West Java is 2.768.414 hectares, consists of paddy field 929.094 hectares and non-paddy field 1.839.320 hectares. Rice production reached 12.149.513 tons of dried grain, and 1.534.612 tons of maize production.

    "We contribute 6,62% to national maize production, and 15,53% to national rice production," said Deddy.

    Meanwhile, soya bean production reached 91.988 tons of dried grain or contribute 7,11% to national soya bean production.

    Commander of Military Territorial Commands (Pangdam) III/Siliwangi, Major General Herindra, appreciated the act of government that involved Indonesian National Armed Force in increasing and achieving food production target.

    Herindra emphasised that his authority is ready to succeed regarding food production and agriculture.

    He also urged all commanders of military district commands (Komandan Kodim), to fully support and do not play around in escorting the programmes that are proposed by the government.

    "Soldiers now do not have to always bring gun, just bring hoe and still look gallant. Komandan Kodim have to support and do not play around so the production target can be achieved," he said.

    "We cannot let the production decrease, so we have to support the programme so Indonesia does not have to import food and can achieve self-supporting agriculture," he emphasised.

    The Regent of Bandung, Dadang Naser, the heads of regional work unit (OPD) of Provincial Government of West Java, the heads of regional work unit of Bandung Regency, the heads of sub-districts, the heads of villages, and farmer groups also accompanied the Minister of Agriculture.

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