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    Counseling Teachers are Required to Equip the Students with Self-concept


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attended the innauguration of Executive Board of Guidance and Counselling Teachers Forum (MGBK) 2016-2020 in Auditorium Mas Soeharto at Graha Pos, Banda street No. 8, Bandung, Friday night (20/1/2017). In front of hundreds of counseling teachers from 17 provinces in Indonesia, Aher asked for the teachers to equip the students and themselves with Self-concept.

    Counseling teachers are regarded to have special role relate to the tranquility and self-concept of the students. The students have to have each self-concept. This self-concept is the comprehension that a student have confident in their ability and potential.

    "Self-concept is the comprehension that a student have to be him/herself, the future is in his/her hand. We must be careful of parents that want to decide the children's future as they wish. Let the children to live in their age," said Aher in his speech.

    Aher also emphasised that counseling teachers and parents must have roles in equiping the comprehension that is useful for the children's future. Thus, today generation needs to be challenged regarding who they are in the future.

    "Counseling teachers not only can equip the self-concept and make our children understand the concept regarding 'who am I today?' but also 'what will I be when I am 20, 25, and so on' and 'how do people reminisce me when I am gone?' 'how will I die?' that is the comprehension of self-concept, not only the achievement that we did in the world," Aher explained.

    For that reason, in this occasion Aher asked counseling teachers not to be teachers and give comfort to the students only, but also become the pioneer to create a comfort school situation for the students and make the school become the students' second home.

    Meanwhile, the innauguration was held according to Organizational Consideration Assembly decree of MGBK No.: 30/Kep.001-MPO-MGBK/I/2017 regarding List of the MGBK Organizational Consideration Assembly and Executive Board of Indonesia for 2016-2020.

    Appointed as the Chairman of MGBK for 2016-2020 is Syamsudin. In his speech, Syamsyudin asked all the member of Executive Board od MGBK in Indonesia to strive to achieve the counseling teachers; programme and goal.

    "All of my friends of counseling teachers now shall not be confused, how to design programmes, and what the guideline is. From now on, all my fellow counseling teachers we already have the guideline book," said Syamsudin.

    This innauguration was held in National Working Meeting (Rakernas) II of MGBK of Indonesia. National seminars, workshop parades and socialization of Operational Guideline of Guidance and Counseling Education were held in the Rakernas. The rakernas was held from Januaru 20th-22nd 2017 an was attended by 455 participants from 17 provinces and 55 cities/regions in Indonesia.

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