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    Five Love Languages of The Prophet Muhammad SAW


    BOGOR CITY-At that time, our Prophet Muhammad SAW always visited his people. He gave his time for his people. He also always gave compliment and in contact with his people. Those things were reminded by Yanne Bima Arya in a seminar regarding the impact of divorce towards children, Saturday (21/1/2017) at Bogor City Hall.

    So, "Our Prophet Muhammad SAW gave five tokens of compassion towards his people even though just a little," said Yane. According to her, those things that our Prophet did, now those things are adopted by psychologists and named as love language. "Every person has each own love language, both women and men. If we know what our love language is, please show it to our spouses," she added.

    Futhermore Yanne said that 5 love languages are quality time, physical touch, compliment, service, and gifts. Commonly, men have the love languages for example the compliment. However, women forget to give the compliments back. Whereas, the compliment or whatever kind of love language is if we show it to our spouses it can help to strengthen the marriage. "With the compliments, spouses will not need the compliments from other women, because he feels his need is fulfilled and does not need to find the fulfillment outised," Yanne added.

    IN this case, women are different from men. Women tend to have love languages that take form in items. Yanne added, "Small token when the spouses given on her birthday, it may small but it has enormous effect on her."

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