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    Netty: 7 Favourite Things of Students in School are Distressing


    SUKABUMI-A private survey institution in Indonesia conducted a survey regarding things that students like the most in schools. The result is unexpected, it is distressing. The respondents for the research are mainly Senior/Vocational High School who are the spearhead of education.

    The survey result shows that there are seven favourite things for students in school, which are no teachers in class, no task or homework, postponed tests, sleep in classroom, sport class, eat in canteen, and teachers meeting.

    According to Mother of Literacy of West Java, Netty Heryawan, the result is very distressing. While the government tries to bruit about development of the children's mind programmes, the children think that school is a torture.

    "What is wrong with this phenomenon?", asked Netty as the speaker in Education Management Coordination Meeting to headteachers, teachers and supervisors of Senior/Vocational High School and Special Need School in Area III at SMAN 1 Kota Sukabumi, RH. Didi Soekardi street No. 124 Sukabumi, Friday (20/1/2017).

    "It means in West Java specifically, not all children are ready to school," said she.

    It is quite likely that the phenomenon happenned because they do not feel comfortable and peaceful, thus a lot of them feel forced to go to school. Therefore, according to the new law that instructs each school to create children-friendly school, Netty encouraged all stakeholders to involve in creating school as an enjoyable place where students do not consider school as a source of depression, but they will feel sad to leave the school.

    "Let us think of how if educational institutions become the third party who relied on by the parents to teach their children," said Netty.

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