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    Counseling Teachers, Please Don't Wait until The Students' Being in Trouble!


    BANDUNG-It is common that each school, since elementary schools (SD) until senior high schools (SMA), the counseling teachers are those who deal with students that are being in troble. However, Mother of Literacy of West Java, Netty Heryawan, hopes that counseling teachers don't just wait until there are students in trouble to do their duties.

    This was stated by Netty when she was the speakerfor National Working Meeting II of MGBK in Auditorium Graha POs Bandung, Banda street No. 8, Friday (20/1/2017).

    Kids nowadays already lost their trust to their parents, said Netty. Thus, counseling teachers should see the problem map of the students. In that way, counseling teachers can foster the students before they become in trouble.

    Netty added, kids nowadays are shackled by BLAST phenomenon, which is Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stress, and Tired. This phenomenon is the main cause of the increasing number of violence.

    Netty said that students come to schools with different background, economic status, mental condition, until parents upbringing that affect the students' condition to learn at schools. Moreover, students now are being assisted by the advance technology. These reasons make educational institutions have value of more strategic in building students' characters.

    "For coounseling teachers, it is important to build interpersonal communication with the students', because it will make the students feel comfortable to share their problems," said Netty.

    To support what Netty had said, General Director of Teacher and Education Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, SUmarna Surapranata, said that the ministry is in the middle of creating policy that regulate teachers' working hours in school, so that the teachers will always be there for the students, since the students come to schools until they go home.

    "We are preparing the policy for teachers to attend 40-work-hour in a week, with working from monday to friday in a week, or 8-work-hour a day," said Sumarna.

    "Teachers should be there when the students looking for them. There are no teachers to go home before their students," he emphasised.

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