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    BPJS Health Care Claimed that They Never Late to Pay Claims


    BANDUNG-Regarding the information about claims problem at dr. Seokardjo Regional Hospital Tasikmalaya, Head of BPJS Health Care Tasikmalaya, Dwi Desiawan, soon clarified the matter at BPJS Health Care building, Friday (20/1/2017). She emphasised that BPJS Health Care never late to pay the claims from the hospital.

    "When the issue was arised, we checked our claims data from dr. Soekardjo Regional Hospital and the proof of payment from January to December 2016. From the data, the claims from dr. Soekardjo since January to August 2016 had been paid. Specifically, the claims from September to October 2016 had been paid too in December 2016 with total amount of 10,1 billion rupiah. Meanwhile, the claims from November 2016 had just been submitted by the hospital on January, 16th 2017 and we plan to pay the claims before January, 23rd 2017 in acordance with applicable regulations," sadi Dwi.

    Dwi also emphasised that BPJS Health Care can be fined if they late to pay the claims, which is D+15 manday since the document is received. Thus, the pace of processing the claims depends on the adequacy of the documents that were submitted by the hospital.

    "In principle we are ready to help to process the claims from the hospital swiftly. However, we also expect the cooperation from the hospital to advance the submission of the claims and pay attention to the adequacy of the documents," Dwi added.

    On Friday (19/1), Head of Regional Division V of BPJS Health Care, Mohammad Edison, had held an audience with the Director of dr. Soekardjo Regional Hospital, Wasisto Hidayat. In the audience, both sides agreed that in the future the hospital will be more discipline in submitting claims. In addition, the communication between the hospital and verificator and coder officers from BPJS Health Care will be more intensive.

    For further information, you can call Regional Division 5 of BPJS Health Care Office at dr. Djundjunan street No. 144, Bandung, or through Hotline Service at 0811 11944 44.

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