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    Indonesian Contingent of ACSG 2015 in Malaysia Dissolved


    BANDUNG-Indonesian contingent to the 1st ASEAN Civil Service Games (ACSG) 2015 was formally dissolved in the Evaluation Meeting at the Head Office of State Personnel Agency (BKN), East Jakarta, Wednesday (2/12), by the Head of BKN

    Head of the West Java Civil Service Board (BKN) M. Solihin as the contingent secretary as a release by Provincial Secretariat of Public Relations reported that Indonesia became the runner-up in the event which was followed 10 ASEAN countries. He was also proud because the athletes were dominated by civil servants (PNS) of West Java was really civil servants with dominated by young civil servants.

    "Athletes from another country were about 20 years, while our athletes were full of experience," he said.

    Solihin also conveyed the message by West Java Secretary that the provincial government supports the activities undertaken by BKN and encourage similar activities would be held at the national level.

    "If it would be held again, West Java ready to support. It is important to network and establish relation between national civil servants and international level," he said.

    The award from governor, Solihin said it will be planned in 2016 and immediately submitted proposal.

    Head of BKN as Chief de Mission of Indonesian Contingent, Bima Haria Wibisono appreciates the fast response by provincial government on a request submitted by the foreign ministry through BKN.

    “The athletes should get the award, so that we are trying to propose additional working period for athletes according their achievements, and of course adapted to the prevailing regulations," he said.

    "It would become our evaluation, in term of regulations issues of discipline and sanctions was detail discussed. But for the achievement really turns the little bit in discussion," said Bima.

    Bima said it would send a letter to the heads of regions to give a tribute to the athletes and officials with based on the technical description.

    "Thanks to the athletes, official and manager for the practice and work hard to defend the nation and also maintain the dignity of civil servants. The main task is indeed a public service but this achievement was the support for advancement of sport in our country," he said in the speech ,

    Next year, according to Bima, Laos will gets a turn become the Head of ASEAN. He claimed not to get certainty whether ACSG be implemented because it is the prerogative of Laos. However, on the instructions by President Jokowi, sports party activities  among PNS encouraged to routinely hosted by Central of DP KORPRI.

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