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    RZ Helped Classroom Reconstruction of MI in Cianjur


    CIANJUR- Though Sharing Happiness program, RZ (House of Zakat) helped the reconstruction of a classroom for MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) Cipelah 2 in Mekarwangi village, Girimukti, Pasir Kuda sub-district, Cianjur Regency. This is the only elementary school with damaged access in the area.

    Previously, the classroom of MI Cipelah was built from Bamboo and no roofed. The school building consists of four classrooms as large as 6 x 4 meter. The classroom was collapsed due to its old age. As a result, 3 classes cannot be operated and 1 classroom was damaged but can still be used.
    “Praise to the lord, with the help of RZ and shared information on our school through sharinghappiness.org, there were lots of media and government visited our school. Today, some of them are trying to help us collect funds for building new classes," said Aisya, the headmaster of MI Cipelah 2, on Thursday (23/2).
    RZ handed out help to build two new classes on the same locations with the collapsed rooms. At the moment, the reconstruction process is nearly finished and other 1 class in being painted. Meanwhile another class reconstruction is still in the process of foundation building.
    “We'd like to thank the donors of RZ who helped our school. Now our students can study in comfortable and nice classrooms. May God bless all of us," said Aisya. jo


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