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    Ex-Palaguna Land Problem to be Solved by the Three Parties


    BANDUNG - The different perspective on ex-Palaguna land in Alun-alun Bandung is better to be solved with deliberation among the Goverment of Bandung, investors, and PD Jawi. It was said by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar in Bandung, Sunday (02/26).

    "It would be better to sit together and discuss it with the three parties to find the best solution," he said.

    However, according to Demiz, which is the nickname of Deddy Mizwar, the principle of deliberation should be RT (Neighbourhood unit) and RW (Community unit) in Bandung city as reference or the basic law for both land and region.

    "If we refer to RDTR (Detailed Spatial Plan) of Bandung City, the purpose is indeed for business area. So, let the investors conduct their business there. Do not suddenly change the area as an urban forest. Or, if there has to be an urban forest, they can get another land in compensation for the urban forest," Demiz emphasized.

    As reported previously, the former area of Palaguna shopping centre will be converted into urban forest by the Government of Bandung City, while previously it is reported that there has been an agreement with an investor to make the land as a business area. The area is owned by PD Jawi, BUMD (Region-owned Enterprise) of West Java Province. (Pun)

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