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    Cisomang Bridge Will be opened for Public Bus


    BANDUNG- Transportation department (dishub) of West Java Province ensured that public bus go through Cisomang Bridge in Tol Cipularang since Thursday on February 23, 2017.

    Head of West Java Dishub, Dedi Taufik said that this decision is a result of a discussion between ministry of transportation, ministry of public work and housing, Jasa Marga, Korlantas and Jasa Raharja. "This is a good news that started on this Thursday, public bus may use the bridge," he informed the journalist in Bandung on Thursday (23/2).

    He said that the opening of Cisomang Bridge for public bus is to speed the route between Jakarta-Bandung. "When the bridge was still closed down, it may take 7-12 from Jakarta-Bandung, now it can be faster," he said.

    Although buses are now allowed to use the bridge, big trucks are still not allowed to get through it due to the reconstruction of the bridge is still being processed. "Big Trucks are not yet allowed to get through, but we provide another route for them," he said.

    Dedi hopes that this access will decrease loss faced by bus businessmen during the closing. However, he still asked the bus drivers to be careful.

    "Bus businessmen could loss IDR 248.000 to drive from Jakarta to Bandung during the closing, now they will no longer face this. Now several busses are already passing the bridge," he said. (Pun)


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