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    Data Validity of Food, Affirm Government Policy


    West Bandung Regency-Vice governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, explained the importance of data validity related to food supplies. By valid data, the government can have a better insight so that they will not make any wrong decisions related to the import of food supplies to meet people's needs.

    Thus besides the improvement of food productions and food distribution, data validity of food supplies and agricultural mapping are very crucial. That is why Deddy Mizwar hopes that related instances should pay attention to it. It is even necessary to have 'a real time' monitor of the data.

    "The data of food supplies in every village should be monitored. Import speculators can play us because we have no valid data," said the vice governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, after inaugurating administrators of DPW Indonesian association of Agriculture extension of West Java (PERHIPTANI) at BBPP in Lembang, West Bandung Regency, on Thursday (23/2/17).

    Besides that, Deddy also explained the important role of agricultural extension, especially in West Java. He also said that it is important to increase the number of agricultural extension and to improve their quality. This should be actualized in order to maintain human resources in agricultural.

    According to Deddy, farmers have a very crucial role since they provide food supplies need of people, such as rice, tubers, vegetables and fruits.

    Deddy urged all extension workers and agricultural communities not to easily sell their lands for the development of Industry.

    "This is because of industry development. So, one hectare of rice field can only hire five workers, but for industry, it may probably hire thousands of workers. But how can they eat without any agricultural fields?" he said.


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