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    The 15th Suspension Bridge was Constructed in Cibingbin


    KUNINGAN-The girl's little feet walked down the 70 meter long suspension bridge. She was accompanied by the governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), the uniform girl was smiling when she successfully passed the bridge over Cijangkelok River.

    The suspension bridge that is located in Dukuh Badag village, Cibingbin sub-district, Kuningan Regency was newly built.

    "This is the 15th suspension bridge that we built," he said.

    Provincial government of West Java in 2017 is planning to build 600 suspension bridges in several places in West Java. Cooperated with LSM like Vertical Rescue Indonesia, one bridge is minimally a 75 meter long that may cost IDR 50 million.

    "It costs not so much money, but it has a big function. we have provided IDR 20 billion for the construction, and this year we will declare the plans. I hope we will be able to construct 500-600 bridges," he said.

    Although they are only suspension bridges, the government still puts their concern. To meet the security standards, the ministry of PU-PERA through Pusjatan is involved in the constructions.

    "That's right, we also involve Pusjatan that the bridges meet their standards," said Aher.

    Next, the bridges maintenance will be handed over to the locals.

    "Vertical Rescue Indonesia will teach them how to look after the bridges," he said.

    After observing the bridge, Aher accompanies by the regent of Kuningan, Acep Purnama, spread a thousand of fish fry: Patin, Nila, Emas and Tawes along Cijangkelok river that later will be beneficial for the locals.


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