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    Introducing Puntang Coffee to the World through IBRAF


    BANDUNG– The boost of Provincial Government of West Java has been spotted at an exhibition event of International Conference "Media For World Harmony" & The 5th Annual Meeting of IBRAF at Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, that has been held since Wednesday (23/2/17).   

    On the second day of the event, a various souvenirs from West Java has successfully drew attention of audiences from 40 countries. One of them is Puntang Coffee from West Java that won an award from Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo 2016 in Atlanta, US.

    Last Wednesday, after the opening of the international event, the governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) visited the booth of provincial government of West Java and tasted Puntang Coffee, accompanied by other audiences and journalists. Aher hoped that they can introduce Puntang Coffee to other countries through this international event.

    Head of public relation of Setda West Java, Ade Sukalsah as the organizer of the booth said that the presence of Puntang Coffee in the event is without no reason. "Puntang Coffee is a legend coffee in Java and well-known since the colonial era. At that time, Arabica Coffee was popular all over Europe and America and branded as World Coffee. But now Puntang has come to the surface after International coffee contest in Atlanta USA last year, and Puntang Coffee won the contest.

    She said that West Java should be proud of that and present the coffee in the booth. to the delegations of IBRAD from other countries. Java Coffee is hoped to be popular again in International contest that may impact on the improvement of social economy in West Java.

    “We also treat other UMKM products equally. A variety of good quality products are presented. Although the event is on broadcasting, we still want to focus on introducing our products to the world." said Ade.

    Other that the coffee, there were also a variety of products from Dekranasda of West Java Province, such as TARA bag from Tasikmalaya, and various handicrafts made of Cow Horn from Sukabumi. The audiences were also entertained by traditional dance of West Java and Guiding Books on West Java.

    “This can be a great promotion for West Java since this annual event invites 500 delegations from 40 countries, thus our traditional products can be introduced and enjoyed by other countries," he said.

    IBRAF forum or International Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum that was attended by regulators from 36 OKI countries (Islamic Conference Organization) and 10 observant countries discussed media and technology convergention and discussed the concept of world media and technology.


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