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    Demiz Asked Watershed Council (BBWS) to Optimize the Normalisation of Cikijing River


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, symphatized for the flood that inundated Rancaekek, Bandung Regency. Moreover, the flood had disturbed the activities of citizens.

    Demiz then asked Watershed Council (BBWS) to optimize the normalisation of Cikijing river in Rancaekek.

    "We hope that the normalisation of river in Rancaekek can be optimized. Now we are doing the normalisation in Cikijing river, by BBWS, the status is multi-years because we just got the loan from World Bank to BBWS. We hope that after the project is completed, the flood in Rancaekek will be significantly under control. Besides, Kahatex has to demolish their building at the river bank," said Deddy, Saturday (25/2).

    Deddy said, that the government hoped Kahatex could optimize the demolition of their building at the river bank. Moreover, the building is one factor that caused flood in Rancaekek.

    "According to BBWS, the demolition had been done gradually. They usually give empty promises, but let's see. Now they promised to the Vice President in front of the Governor. If they dare to trick the Vice President, who knows that they also did tax evasion," he said.

    Due to the matter, the government hoped that Kahatex Ltd. has strong commitment to demolish their building at Cikijing river bank. So in the future it can be synergised with the normalisation of rivers in Rancaekek.

    "The flood will be there if the improvement is not completed yet. We are in the middle of normalisation of rivers, after that we will observe whether we need to heighten the road or not. So we just have to wait until the normalisation of the river is done by BBWS." he said.

    With regard to the flood in Rancaekek, the Vice Governor who commonly known as Demiz asked the citizens to be careful in passing the areas that are flooded in Rancaekek. (Pun)

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