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    Declaration 'Media World Harmony' to be Proclaimed in Bandung


    BANDUNG- The 5th Annual International Meeting and Conference 'OIC Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (IBRAF)' held at the Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung City, starting from Wednesday to Thursday, February 22nd-23rd has resulted in the declaration 'Media World Harmony'.

    The five points of the declaration 'Media World Harmony' from Bandung to the World, read by the Mayor of Bandung are as follows:

    First, humanity is a universal value that can become a foundation of world harmony. The media has become an important means of delivering humanitarian messages.
    Second, Responsibility. The media is responsible for every message that it delivers because every message can have an impact, whether good or bad.
    Third, Friendship. The media is a means to strengthen friendships, not the other way around.
    Fourth, Enlightenment. Through the messages and news that they publish/broadcast, media should offer enlightenment, hope and positive values, and encourage people to be better.
    Fifth, Harmony. The media safeguards values that promote harmony.

    According to the Mayor, if the five points of the declaration 'Media World Harmony' from Bandung to the World is set as a foundation of thinking and managing the media, through the idea of 'World Harmony' or world peace it will generate a media which is more sensitive and capable of managing news. (Parno)

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