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    Governor Inaugurates Rawayan Bridge in Kuningan


    KUNINGAN - There is one more suspension bridge named Rawayan inaugurated by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan.

    The Rawayan Bridge which was inaugurated on Thursday (02/23) is located in Dukuh Badag Village, Sub district of Cibingbin, Kuningan Regency, about 40 KM east of the downtown Kuningan Regency. The Rawayan Bridge connects two villages in Dukuh Badag Village, Sub district of Cibingbin.

    "Thanks be to God, Alhamdulillah, the fifth Rawayan has finished to be constructed only in four days with the length is more than 70 metres across the Cibalengkok river. It becomes a crossing medium for the residents especially for students," said Aher, the nickname of Ahmad Heryawan.  

    The construction of Rawayan Bridge or suspension bridge has become the joining program of West Java Provincial Government and the community of Vertical Rescue Indonesia that has previously initiated the Rawayan constructions in some regions in West Java.

    "Firstly, the Vertical Rescue initiated the construction then fortunately it's supported by our program in the Province. It is planned that in this year of 2017 we need to build 500 to 600 rawayan, with the total of budget is Rp 25 million taken from the Provincial Budget," said Aher.

    Before the Rawayan was built, the local residents including students had to cross the river to go to the neighbour village. (Pun)

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