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    Governor Visits Victims of Flooding in Bekasi


    BEKASI CITY - Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan accompanied by Vice Mayor of Bekasi Ahmad Syaikhu visited a shelter and gave supports for the flood victims in the Kalibaru Village Office, Sub district of Medan Satria, Bekasi City. They then continued to visit the flood-effected area of Kalibaru and Pondok Hijau Permai II Site in Bekasi City, Wednesday (02/22).

    During his visit, the Governor gave his time to talk to the residents in the temporary shelter. "The flood-effected areas are indeed a downstream area. So that when the rivers are overflowing due to the high intensity local rain, the water will flood the residence. There has been a discussion with the Government of Bekasi City to build a reservoir to absorb the increasing water in that area when the high-intensity rain occurs. The land has been prepared, we just have to talk about the budgeting," said Ahmad Heryawan after visiting the flood victims.

    The water now has begun to subside, but some residents are still in the shelter. Furthermore, the Governor informed that reservoir is a long-term program of mitigating flood, while for the short-term program is disaster mitigation.

    "The one that is considered to be more important is disaster mitigation which is to help the flood victims like evacuees. Alhamdulillah, the logistic needs are still available. If it's necessary, the Province can also provide logistic supports," Aher explained.

    Another way to handle the floods is by using water pumps. From the area of residence, the floodwater is pumped into river in order to accelerate on receding the water. (Pun)

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