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    Netty, "We should accompany our chidlren in reading books since some of them are not safe to be read"


    BANDUNG - The release of children book of "I am Brave to Sleep Alone" (Aku Berani Tidur Sendiri), from the series of "I Learn to Control Myself" (Aku Belajar Mengendalikan Diri) which were published by Tiga Ananda Press, got many reactions from citizens.

    The Mother of Literacy of West Java Netty Heryawan considered that book publishers should be more aware in publishing and releasing books especially about reproduction system. Since not all of books were belong to certain ages.

    According to her, when the title had so much attention grabbing, we would become curious, then we decided to buy it. "If the books are going to public such as in shop books and libraries, it will be hard to be controlled. For that reason, it will be wiser if the publishers consulted with a psychologist when they decide to publish a book with reproduction system as its theme," Netty said at Sate Building, Tuesday (1/21/17).

    Althought according to the publisher, the books were an effort to prevent children from sexual harrassment, but the words were too explicit and made citizens worry. That book was worried that it would give bad influence for children when their parents did not accompany them in reading since they thought that it was an ordinary book for them.

    "I think, we should decide which lesson can be taught by books and counseling guidances or psychologists," Netty said.

    According to Netty, schools was a massive institution that had bigger contribution to monitor children's development. "Because they fulfil the gap when children can't learn something from their families,"  she continued.

    Netty said that the material of books should be general and universal. To illustrate, we labeled the name of reproduction organs of women and men, including in biology subject, it should be explained the process of fertility. So that, the education that had got was complete.

    "For teenagers who are going to be mature, we should pay attention to their circle of friends and their activities," she said.

    Next advice for parents from Netty was, as parents we should not feel ashame or taboo to teach our children about sex education. We should also consider some factors such as our children ages, how mature they were when they were given sex education. Since there were many terms that were not explained properly that someday it would be a boomerang for us.

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