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    Local Government Should Facilitate the Quality Ingredients and Packaging


    PANGANDARAN - Local government in West Java have to change the development strategy of small and medium enterprises (UKM) with a focus on quality content and packaging.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed local governments may not develop the UKM from upstream to downstream because there are limited budget, so we need a smart strategy.

    On the other hand, the development of UKM in Thailand has gone well, the role of local government assistance focused on micro essential details such as assisting the manufacture of attractive product packaging.

    "I observe that the biggest homework of UKM in Indonesian are good packaging. Do not ask for UKM to handle it because they have no funds. The local governments is the most eligible on it," he said at Kampung Legok Jawa, Pangandaran, Tuesday (1/12) afternoon.

    The number of UKM in West Java, referring to data from the Department of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises of West Java Province is expected to reach 9 million units with a workforce of nearly 15 million people involved.

    Its contribution to economic growth (LPE) in West Java reached 8.04 percent as well as contribute to regional gross domestic product (PDR) amounted to 345.178 trillion.

    Of the amount of 9 million, there are 138 centres of UKM are spatially divided in five areas namely Bogor, Cirebon, Priangan East, West Priangan, and Purwakarta.

    According to Aher, in addition to packaging, the most important aided is measurement product content, so that the public will be protected from non hygienic material and do not pass expired.

    "Help them to measurable quality products, including the expired date information," he said.

    If these two things worked well, the micro-enterprises will be ready under any circumstances. For example in West Java, there will be held a big event that is PON XIX in 2016 and the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (MEA).

    He pointed Pangandaran as the area attractions. If UKM organise themselves well, starting with content and packaging, then tourists will hunt these products.

    PON arena location in this new district will be in sync with storefront around the arena to sell the products of UKM. For example near the horse racing in Legok Jawa could be made a sort of park or cafe in addition to picnic.

    Moreover, the West Java provincial government was determined to make the best arena location, so that after PON event can be used for multi event routine competitions of sports.

    For this reason, Aher request the cooperation of the district/local government authority to allocate a budget for supporting facilities arena.

    "In conclusion, in the domestic we are ready to face, then we will prepare for greater challenges as the MEA. This is something that must be faced, but do not too excessive afraid," he said.

    MEA will not damage the low and medium wage countries such as Indonesia. But will pave the way for the low-income countries in order to work/strive in high-income countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

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