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    Million Words Has Been Produced, Media is Expected to Keep World Harmony


    BANDUNG - Bandung city, West Java becomes host of International Conference convention which is 'The 5th Annual Meeting International Broadcasting Authority Forum (Ibraf)' in 2017. With its massage, "From West Java for A Harmonious World, Media for World Harmony", media was expected to be able played role in keeping world's harmony via million words that they had been produced.

    This expectation was conveyed by the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan  (Aher) after attanding dinner with Ibraf 2017 delegations. According to Aher, media could be used in massive to bring world peace massage. Not the provocative ones that made many conflicts between us.

    "We invite all of people. Let's spread world harmony via media in peace. It is the important massage from West Java for the world," Aher said after the dinner.

    Media could deliver world peace massage to the world in everyday via its words production. Including the false clarification massage or hoax that are happening in this world whether from social media, conventional, electronic media, and internet.

    "We are as the host, I am as the Governor, I expect that this is important meeting. The meeting is to make a commitment, so that media can make world in peace situation, to be better than before," Aher expected.

    "Since every million words have been produced by media in daily. Imagine, if the words are contain with negative content, and it is read by many people, there will be some conflict in our society. But if media has a commitment, whether mainstream media or media social, there will be harmony between us. So that there will be positive critics, many positive achievements, developments, and thought," he continued.

    Therefore, Aher wanted this conference to result in making written commitment for the sake of presenting media as the tool to make world become in harmony. "I deliver massage to all committees in that event, so that in the end, there will be written commitment to always present media as the tool to make world in harmony," he said.

    Ibraf was a media broadcasting forum under Organisation of Islam Conference (OKI). However, in this Ibraf conference, the countries who were not registered as members of OKI such as United States, Holland, Portugal, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Sout Korea also attended in this event. Those countries were interested to join because the strategic issue that was raised in Ibraf 2017 meeting.

    "Because they see the issue that has been raised by us in this year, which is Media for World Harmony. Media convergence problems between countries, radicalism issue, and Islamophobia which becomes an important nore," the Head of central Indonesian Broadcasting Comission (KPI) Yuliandre Darwis after the dinner.

    In the dinner, Ibraf participants were invited to play a traditional music instrument from West Java, Angklung. Angklung is a music instrument that should be played by many people together to produce tones and harmony.

    Ibraf forum was expected to seriously raise media convergence issue between countries, radicalism issue, and islamphobia through together commitments. So that Indonesia could be a country which gives positive massage to keep world harmony in the future. Such as Angklung which can bring sense of harmony in togetherness.

    International Conference, The 5th Ibraf Annual Meeting will be held on Febuary 21st to 22nd 2017 in Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung city. This conference will be attanded by participants from 46 countries.

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