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    Population and Economics Growth Need Equilibrium


    BANDUNG - Population and economics growth of certain region or a state had to be balance with their qualities, whether in education, health, and also in its welfare. If Human Resources (SDM) aspect did not have high qualities, economics development and growth would not work well as being expected.

    The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that population was the most important aspect of a state. However, the growth of population needed to be controlled so that the preception of development with population growth could be balanced.

    "The thing is which development that we should do later. When it has done, the physical form such as facilities and infrastructures have to be better. But, if the human resources are not improved, then the question is, who will get the benefits?" Aher asked in Technical Cordination Meeting (Rakornis) event of Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) of West Java Province in 2017 at Grand Royal Pahegar Hotel, Merdeka Street Number 2, Bandung city, Tuesday evening, (2/21/2017).

    "No matter how powerful we are on developing, the actors of this development are citizens or humans. If the human resources lack of quality, so the development process will not work properly. Although the development program is designed with high quality, if its citizens are lack of quality, then it will be useless," he continued.

    Therefore, according to Aher, we needed to improve our citizens' quality so that we could compete in the world. Citizens are objects and subjects at the same time from the development program. So that, the aspects of education, healt, and also welfare became determinant of development quality.

    "There should be equilibrium between economics development with population growth. Never let the economics development become linear, while population growth is exponential, growing to the top. It will become dangerous," Aher said after giving instruction at Technical Cordination Meeting (Rakornis).

    "Therefore, we should keep trying to make population growth is still balance with economics development. Since, if it is not balance, then there will be some problems that we have to face," he added.

    In that ocassion, Aher added, the improvement of citizens' quality could aslo be done from families. 'Family Planning' or concept of family planning did not only focus on the number of family member, but its goal should be more broad through improving families' quality paradigm.

    "The meaning of 'Family planning' should be board, it should not only emphasized on the number of population, but also it has to explain how to improve citizens quality from their families' quality," Aher concluded.

    The theme of this Technical Cordination Meeting (Rakornis) was 'Through Technical Cordination Meeting (Rakornis) and Partnership, We Support Population Program, Family Planning Program, and Family Development (KKBPK) to Improve West Java Human Resources Qualities'. Technical Cordination Meeting (Rakornis) was held from Febuary 21st to 22nd 2017. This cordination meeting was attanded by all of Heads Regional Agencies (OPD) which focused on Population and Family Planning  field in level of regency or city in West Java, Family Welfare Movement Team (TP PKK) of Regency or City level in West Java, and other partnership members of BKKBN of West Java.

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