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    West Java is Listed on Highest Working Performance List of Provincial Government


    BANDUNG - Provincial Government of West Java is listed on provincial government range that has highest working peformance from any regions. For that reason, West Java had an opportunity to get Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha Award from Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) in this year.

    This achievement was achieved by West Java for many innovations that had been done. From many innovations that had already existed, Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) with all of the Heads of Regional Government Agencies (OPD) explained the innovations in front of General Directorate of Regional Autonomy (Ditjen Otda) Team of Ministry of Home Affairs at Manglayang Room Sate Building, Diponegoro Street No 22, Bandung City, Tuesday, (2/21/17).

    "There are three topics that we have presented as 'best practice' (ideas or innovations). First, there is e-samsat. Second, Licensing System and Integrated Services that are much better. And the third, Additional Staffs' Income (TPP) which is based on their peformance. The third practice is also the best," Aher said after the presentation.

    That three innovations had advantages and conveniences for citizens. First, e-samsat had the advantage which made citizens can pay taxes of their vehicles anytime and anywhere. Payments can be done via ATM machines, if only the banks has cooperated with Provincial Revenue Agency (Bapenda) of West Java. There are 64,000 ATM machines that are scattered around in all of areas in Indonesia and abroad. The banks are BJB, BRI, BCA and Cimb Niaga. For further information, just visit http://bapenda.jabarprov.go.id/e-samsat-jabar/.

    The second innovation that has presented is Licensing System and One Door Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) of West Java. This system exists on Integrated Information Service System for public (symphatetics). The process of licensing can be done precisely, easily, affordable, and without face-to-face. For further information, go to the website of PTSP through http://dpmptsp.jabarprov.go.id/.

    The feature of Symphatetics aplication was the List of Licensing and Requirements, Online Registration, e-Tracking permit license, Online Claims, and Open Source Program. The innovations of PTSP of West Java has worked since 2012 and it is the fastest services and the easiest in its process. This application has been adapted by 17 provinces, three of them are from North Sumatra Province which has name Simpel Paten, Bengkulu Province with Sipanse as its name, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province with Spesial as its name.

    The third is Online Targets of Staffs' Peformance (SKP) in West Java. This system is online management system of staffing that can monitor all of staffs' performance. The program of TPP has existed since 2009 and the total numbers are based on their performance and loyalty that has already done. With this Online SKP System, Provincial Government of West Java has deleted payment because the existance of TPP makes citizens' welfare increased. For further of Online SKP of West Java, visit https://skp.jabarprov.go.id/.

    "Those three system are considered the best by Corruption Eradication COmission (KPK). And Ministry of Home Affairs also appreciated and they are parts of assessment of LPPD (Report of Provincial Management)" Aher said.

    "For the provinces, they are taken from top 3. The regencies/cities are taken from top 10. Now, we are on top 10 (from West Java Province), Bandung city and Sukabumi city," he continued.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Sub Directorate of Capacity Development of Provincial Government of General Directorate Regional Autonomy of Ministry of Home Affairs, Gensly said that the presentation of those three innovations was to see what West Java had done related with 'best practice'. This thing could be an opportunity for West Java to achieve Parasmya Purnakarya Nugraha Award.

    "From the result of the evaluation of governmence's management and performance, West Java province is the highest, so we want to see strengthening efforts, the things that have been done by West Java related with its 'best practice'," Gensly said.

    Gensly observed that West Java had an innovation on budgeting in the middle of Cutting BUdget Policy by central government. West Java could still give innovations and even inspired other regions.

    "West Java can make innovation on budgeting although the condition is hard. Although there is policy to cut the budget, West Java won't be affected. That idea is conveyed by Mr. Governor and it is inspired other 17 provinces. Hopefully, the other 34 provinces will be inspired too later," he expected.

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