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    PLN Supports the Development of Waste Bank Program in Bandung City


    BANDUNG- Since PLN is committed to help the government save the environment in Bandung City, PLN through the program of saving environment accompanied by LSM 'green ever' inaugurated the building of Bank Waste in Bandung City. During the event, PLN invited all people to save their environment from waste through the program 'electrical payment by waste'.

    The inauguration event was held by vice mayor of Bandung, Oded M. Danial accompanied by the director of Human Capital Management of  PT PLN (Persero), Muhammad Ali and the Head of Environmental and Hygiene Department of Bandung City, Salman Fauzi and GM PLN of West Java, Iwan Purwana, on the same day as Day Care of National Waste on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

    Since 2014, PLN has actively help government to run their program that was located on Tubagus Ismail Street, Dago. At first, PLN has distributed three-wheeled motor bike for garbage hauling.

    Meanwhile in 2016, PLN provided a field and funds to renovate PLN assets for the development of the operational of Waste Bank. Today it is located on Ahmad Yani Street NO.752 Bandung City.

    “The helps PLN provided have given us positive energy to introduce the program as one of government's solution to solve environmental problem to people," explained Elis Solihat, the chairman of the program. Jo


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