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    Medium-Large Aircraft Could Arriving at Nusawiru in 2017


    Pangandaran - In 2017, the Nusawiru Airport, Pangandaran, West Java can be visited by medium aircraft like Airbus 320.

    According to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) when reviewing the airport, Tuesday (1/12), the runway airport expansion in order to increase the capacity will continue to be done.

    He explained that the length of the runway of Nusawiru airport is 1,400 meters. However, the provincial government managed the land acquisition for the expansion of the 800 meters runway, thus being 2,200 meters.

    "If the runway was already at 2,200 meters, it’s same as Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung," said Aher.

    Because the land acquisition has been completed, then next year the Enginering Detail Design (DED) for the extension of the 2,200 meters runway, and in 2017 was able to extend the runway.

    "Now it's been used for primarily commercial aircraft operations especially maritime transport and pilot school students. With the extension of the runway, we would expect more functions occur in the future," he said.

    With the runway now, the capacity is limited because it can only accommodate small aircraft such as the CN-235, NC-212, and caravan aircraft.

    "Of course we hope that Pangandaran increasingly visited by tourists. Today people are interested in West Java's tourism, but from Jakarta to Pangandaran is quite far. It’s similar to Cimaja which known with the beauty scenery, but unfortunately it’s in remote access. We want to fix all this access soon,” he said.

    According to him, natural scenery in West Java is not less beautiful with Bali. Pangandaran beach isn’t far different from Kuta beach. The difference is just the access where the local and foreign tourists visiting easier.

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