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    Superqurban Expedition in the Remote Area of Sumedang


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat (RZ) delivered 400 corned beef Superqurband, 10 veils, 10 sarong, 10 Koran and Iqra, and 30 food packages for people in Cisoka, Citengah, Cibubut, Cibiru villages, South Sumedang Sub-district, Sumedang Regency, West Java. This is part of Superqurban Expedition that was held by RZ to show their concerns towards people in remote areas in Indonesia.

    "We chose this area as the location to deliver the packages because this area is quite remote. There is no electricity from PLN in this area, so they still use hydroelectric power station. So, if dry season come, the produced electricity will be limited," said Nur Latifah, RZ volunteers coordinator Bandung, Monday (20/2).

    Latifah added that in those areas, the path that must be passed is quite rugged. Cisoka village is located in remote area in Sumedang is occupied by 23 families, while Cibubut is occupied by 80 families. Most of the people in there are working as tea gatherers.

    One of the citizens there, Imir, said that he is glad for the help he received. "Thank you so much for coming and give help for us in here. Emak (my mother) is very happy to receive the help like this, especially the corned beef. It has been a long time for her to eat beef," he said.

    Besides in remote areas in Sumedang, RZ also held Superkurban Expedition in several areas such as in remote areas in Lampung and Riau. Through this programme, Latifah hoped that there will be a lot of people in remote areas in Indonesia that will be helped. jo

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