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    The Demolition of Kahatex Building as Light at the End of the Tunnel in Environmental Law Enforcement


    BANDUNG-The demolition of building that belongs to Kahatex Ltd., which often caused flood when the rain come, become light at the end of the tunnel for environmental law enforcement in West Java.

    Thereby, it is expected that environmental law enforcement will be implemented when the violations happened. The demolition can become momentum for regional governments to show their position to the unruly business doers.

    Expert of State Constitutional Law at Parahyangan University (Unpar) Bandung, Prof. Dr. Asep Warlan Yusuf, S.H., M.H., said that Kahatex finally demolished their building after as the order of Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla (JK) without getting any compensation is right.

    "Because their building violated the rule and also caused flood. If it caused disaster thein it doest have to be given any compensation," said Asep in Bandung, Monday (20/2).

    Earlier, Kahatex did want to follow the order of West Java Provincial Government to demolish their building that blocked the streams at Cikijing river banks. Due to the building near the river bank, it often caused flood that soaked Rancaekek and was detrimental to the citizens.

    West Java Provincial Government issued the matter to the court. However, West Java Provincial Government did not win the case and they could not do environmental law enforcement to Kahatex.

    The case then came to the Vice President of Indonesia. Finally the Vice President ordered Kahatex to demolished their building after the West Java Governor gave them explanation.

    "Why are they so insisted? Just because they thought that their building was legal, or because the demolition cost is extremely high, or because they had strong backing that made them to think they could defy the order of West Java Provincial Government," he said.

    According to Asep, what West Java Provincial Government did to cooperate with Central Government was right, because they had done many things to persuade Kahatex to demolish their building that blocked Cikijing river.

    In the future, Asep urged West Java Provincial Government to list all problems regarding environment, building and spatial. It is important to do by the West Java Provincial Government and also Regencies/Cities Government to map the problems in their areas.

    "However, do not directly coordinate with the Central Government to solve the problems. The regional governments must solve their problems by their own to make the citizens know that their governments have influential position," he said. (Pun)

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