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    #BDGHantamHoax Campaign Produced Five Declarations


    BANDUNG-In #BDGHantamHoax campaign which was held at Bandung City Square yielded up five declarations that were approved by the society.

    The content of five declarations are opposing any kind of hoax that can disrupt unity and tranquility of the Republic of Indonesia; opposing the dissemination of hoax of any kind in all media; opposing any hoax and social media abuse that can disrupt the values of Humanity, Responsibility, Friendship, Enlightenment, and Harmony; supporting any positive and beneficial use of social media; and Bandung City citizens are ready to Fight Against Hoax (Hantam Hoax), a movement from Bandung citizens to achieve global tranquility.

    According to the Mayor of Bandung City, Ridwan Kamil, any kind of information that the truth is unknown or hoax is very detrimental because of the dissemination of fake information that can blackened someone or oganization's reputation.

    "Now we declare (our commitment) and we are going to campaign (this movement) into school, citizens, non-governmental organizations (LSM) and community organizations to fight against hoax. The society have to be smart in selecting and consuming information, and media also have to present fact-based information," he sadi. (Parno)

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