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    Ciletuh and Pangandaran will Become The Special Economic Zones of Tourism (KEK Pariwisata)


    BANDUNG- Geopark area in Ciletuh and Pangandaran will become the Special Economic Zones of Tourism (KEK Pariwisata) by West Java Provincial Government. The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), said that they are in the middle of proposing the matter to The Ministry of Tourism, at Gedung Sate, Dipenogoro street No. 22, Bandung City, Monday (20/2/2017).

    "Both (of Ciletuh and Pangandaran) are being prepared now. Parts of Pangandaran and Ciletuh are being proposed to The Ministry of Tourism to become The Special Economic Zones of Tourism (KEK Pariwisata)," he said.

    The Special Economic Zones policy can support those tourism areas to develop. Her hoped that through The Special Economic Zones, it can increase regional economic growth, so it can directly affect to the economic growth of the citizens.

    "I think increasing economic growth via Tourism must be done massively, because it is very comfortable and the impact will be directly felt by the society," said Aher.

    For that reason, West Java Provincial Government will build and fix the infrastructure for The Special Economic Zones (programme). For example, in Ciletuh, the government are building several infrastructures such as road, and supporting infrastructures such as hotel and communication network in cooperation with several parties. Meanwhile, in Pangandaran, the runway of Nusawiru Airport will be extended so it can accommodate a lot activities.

    "Those areas will be managed in order to be more neat and comfortable. And they will be focused on to become tourism sites, where there are going to a lot of spending money there. And at the same time we talk about the impact. The impact will increase the income and welfare of the society," Aher said.

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