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    Celebrating Mother Tongue Day, Aher Published Padika Wrote Carpon Book


    BANDUNG - The Government of West Java Ahmad Heryawan published a book which its title is Padika Nulis Carpon (How to Write a Short Story). It is written by Carpon Group which is led by Taufik Faturochman as the literati and humanist person.

    That publishing book event was held in the event of Mieling Poe Basa Indung 2017 at Yayasan Pusat Kebudayaan (YPK) building on Naripan Street, Bandung, Sunday (2/19). It was held as the form of cooperation between Carpon Group with Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java.

    "I support this event in order to preserve Sundanese Language so that it won't become extinct just like many people concern," Ahmad Heryawad said in his speech with Sundanese Language.

    According to him, the Provincial Government had kept trying to preserve the literary language and Sundanese script in accordance with the constitution and also Government Regulation in 1995 which had been already renewed in 2014.

    "Through formal education and any activities, the government will be responsible to preserve the cultural language, literature, and Sundanese script, especially for young generation," he explained.

    Ahmad Heryawan or Kang Aher also gave freedom for educators and practitioners of language and literature especially in Senior High School level to create any creative method in teaching Sundanese language and literature. Since the authority of managing Senior High Schools and Vocational Schools has been given to from Regencies and Cities to the Province.

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