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    West Java to be a Model for the World


    BANDUNG - Chairman of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Yuliandre Darwis informed that the selection of West Java as the host of an international event held on February 22-24 2017 in Bandung will become a model for other states.

    "We are really sure that not only Asian-African Conference, but there is also something in which West Java is considered to be a model for other regions," he said to the reporters at Pakuan Building in Bandung, Saturday (2/18/2017).

    Yuliandre said that he voted Bandung City to be host of the international broadcasting event initiated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) that is OIC Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (Ibraf). It is because Bandung has become the venue of Asian-African Conference. Additionally, Bandung has a variety of unique cultures.

    "The most influential place in Indonesia is represented by Bandung City West Java. We hope it can be a meaningful value for all of the states, to assure that Indonesia delivers a positive message to everyone," he explained.

    According to him, Indonesia is the most Muslim populated country. This far, there are many issues which have always discredited the Muslims in the form any information. "We would like to show how the most Muslim populated countries are formed. Indonesia is very pluralistic but it delivers something good which means unity in diversity," he said. (MAT)

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