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    Indonesia Has Become a Large Market for Drugs


    BANDUNG - The number of drug users in Indonesia is estimated to reach over 3 million people. Therefore, Indonesia is not a transit trade anymore but it has become a large market for drugs. It was explained by the General Secretary of the Brotherhood of Institute of Islamic Mass Organizations (LPOI) Lufti Attamimi, during the Declaration of Anti-drug National Front of West Java at Sate Building, Bandung, on Saturday (2/18).

    "In the past, Indonesia was only a transit trade of drugs, but nowadays it has become a large market and even the producer. It's no wonder that the number of drug users in Indonesia now has reached 3 million people. It's really worrying," he said.

    According to Attamimi, the amount of money spent for drugs trafficking has reached Rp 75 trillion, but actually that huge amount of money can be allocated for other beneficial aspects.

    "Imagine, the very large amount of money is spent only to destroy our generation. That's why we cannot stay still any longer, we have to fight against it, it needs to be prevented," he explained.

    Attamimi further informed that LPOI urges the President not to have mercy on the death-row convicts. Not to have mercy, not to give remission, and so forth. (Pun)

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