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    Accommodating Aspirations, Aher Visited SMU/ SMK in Bandung


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) visited a number of Senior and Vocational High Schools (SMU/SMK) in Bandung to check the schools condition after the authority was given to Provincial Government.

    During his visits to SMUN 6, SMKN 6 and SMUN 27 Bandung, Aher intended to make sure that the facilities at schools such as laboratory, classrooms, practical rooms, and places of worship are adequate and representative. Besides, Aher also had an opportunity to give a talk to teachers and students about their aspiration.

    "We will begin to visit the schools in West Java frequently. Through these visits, we'll find out about their problems," said Aher at SMKN 6 Bandung, Friday (2/17/17).

    Aher hopes, after the Senior and Vocational High Schools are managed by the Province since January 1, 2017, the quality of education will improve. The Provincial Government of West Java will also accelerate the schools achievements managed by the Regencies and Cities before.

    "I would like to say thank you to all of the Regents and Mayors who have taken the responsibility to manage the SMU/SMK very well. We, the Province will continue to take the responsibility. Hopefully, it will be better," said Aher.

    Aher continued to explain, during his visit in a practical room of SMKN 6, that there were students who complained about the practical instruments such as an automotive machine which did not function properly.

    "Their aspirations are about the lack of adequate machines. It has to be responded immediately. Their rights must be fulfilled for the sake of their future to be protected," he explained.

    After being managed by the Province, the budget for school facilities improvement has been prepared based on the requirement. It is because for the budget now, there will be Regional Budget of West Java Province and it does not longer use the assistance fund for the Regencies/ Cities.

    "If there is any inadequacy, now we spend the direct expenditure which is not the financial assistance fund managed by the Districts," he said.

    It is planned that Aher with his officials will re-visit the schools even though it coincides with other work schedules.

    "Whenever I come to visit the regions, I will give my time to visit the schools. In the next days, we'll also go to Subang to visit the largest agricultural school there," he said.

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