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    21.281 Residents of West Java are HIV Positive


    BANDUNG- Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) stated that since firstly reported in 1987 to September 2016, the cumulative numbers of HIV positive in Indonesia already reached 219.036 cases and AIDS positive are 82.968 cases.

    According to Indonesian Ministry of Health data, the highest numbers of people suffered from HIV are from DKI Jakarta as many as 43.738, East Java 28.979, and Papua 23.450, West Java 21.281, and Central Java 15.710.

    As for AIDS cases, the highest numbers of people suffered from this disease are from East Java 16.432, Papua 13.335, DKI Jakarta 8.190, Bali 6.305, Central Java 5.611 and West Java 4.936.

    Based on the report received by www.jabarprov.go.id, heterosexual intercourse is the highest factor that spreads HIV/AIDS that reached 66%.

    Until today, there is no best way to prevent sexually transmitted infections (IMS) and HIV from spreading, except by having no free sex or any drug injections. (Parno)


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