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    RZ Launched Shopping Charity Program


    SUMEDANG-House of Zakat (RZ) and Asia Plaza Sumedang inaugurated 'shopping charity' program. Alamsyah NUruzzam, the branch manager of RZ Cirebon, said that this program aims to be facilitation for people to share 'zakat'

    “This is one of our attempts to invite all people to share a lil bit of their wealth for poor. So we provide them accessible services, for example we provide the access in this shopping Centre" said Alamsyah, on Thursday (16/2).

    Alamsyah added that the management of this program will be open and transparent through receipts. The general manager of Asia Plaza Sumedang, Buddy Indrasakti said that Asia Plaza supports the cooperation.

    “We thank RZ for the trust to get our customers and people involved in this social program. Hope this program will go well as we expect, and can be a cooperation program that will give a positive benefit to all parties," said Buddy.

    Alamsyah added that RZ will keep developing this 'shopping charity' program. Previously, RZ also launched similar program with Asia Toserba Cirebon. jo


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