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    PTD Aircraft Order for Senegal Have Safely Arrived


    BANDUNG– At the end of last year, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) successfully sent away their ferry flight CN235-220M of Multi-Purpose Aircraft for Senegal's air forces, that boarded from Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung to Dakar, Senegal through  the route: Bandung - Medan - Colombo - Maldives - Pakistan - Riyadh - Khartoum - Chad - Burkina Faso - Dakar, Senegal.

    The flight of the ferry CN235-220M Multi-Purpose Aircraft from Bandung to Dakar took 11 days and arrived in Senegal on January 6, 2017,

    “The plane has safely arrived and operated," said Irlan Budiman, the spokesperson PTDI during his interview on Friday (17/02).

    The flight gave a valuable experience for the pilots and crews of this CN235-220M Multi-Purpose Aircraft made by PTDI. The pilots of Senegal Air Force, Head of Senegal Air force, Ndiaye Amadou said that he was satisfied with the CN235-220M Multi-Purpose Aircraft made by PTDI.

    During the flight that took 50 hours from Bandung- Indonesia, the planes have brought the crews safely.

    “This plane is easy to operate and it has the best glass cockpit to make it easy to operate,’’ Said Ndiaye Amadou.

    The CN235-220M Multi-Purpose Aircraft that has been sent to Senegal Air force on December 27, 2016, according to Senegal, Air force, the plane was directly operated for Cooperation Operations Assistant Gambia when arrived in Senegal from Indonesia.

    Gambia Operation is an operation to overcome a problem in Gambia caused by the incumbent president of Gambia who does not want to let go off his position to be replaced by the new elected president. The operation was successfully carried out without any bloodshed.

    Senegal Government plans to order more CN235-220 planes from PTDI with Maritime Patrol Aircraft configuration used for Senegal area, especially after the discovery of oil at sea.

    This year, the contract of the aircraft order for CN235-220 Maritime Patrol Aircraft is being prepared that later will be signed. The trust given by Sinegal Government is a proof that national product of Indonesia can compete internationally. jo


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