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    Timpora Investigates Illegal Foreigners


    BANDUNG- West Java is a strategic place that opens so many job opportunities. It also can result in numbers of illegal foreign workers (TKA). The verification of Foreigners by the government is considered less effective.

    Head of Workers and Transmigration Department (Disnakertrans) of West Java Province, Ferry Sofwan Arif explained that the effective way to investigate illegal workers is through OTT by Foreigners Supervision Team (Timpora).

    “If they are caught, they will be deported. If we find any company hiring illegal foreigner workers, the company will be given administrative sanction, so it won't be closed directly," he reported to journalist in Bandung on Friday (17/2/2016).

    He said that the involvement of government in the case of foreigners status verification to the companies are considered less effective.

    “The verification is considered less effective for an early protection and to investigate the illegal foreigner workers. If we investigate, they will not admit it. They sure will hide it," he said. (MAT)


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